Listerine Total Care Fluoride Mouthwash: 6-in-1 Benefits, Kills 99% of Germs, Prevents Cavities, Fresh Mint – 1L

Price: $11.86 - $8.48

Listerine Total Care Fluoride Mouthwash in Fresh Mint flavor provides six benefits in one powerful rinse. It helps prevent cavities, strengthens teeth, restores enamel, freshens breath, kills germs, and cleans your whole mouth. It’s accepted by the American Dental Association and has a refreshing mint taste. This 1-liter family size bottle is great for improving oral health for the whole family. In lab studies, it’s shown to strengthen teeth 50% more than brushing alone. Add this mouthwash to your morning and evening routines to protect your mouth day and night. Now on sale for a deep discount off the list price.

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