Listerine Gum Therapy Mouthwash: Reverse Early Gingivitis

Price: $10.65 - $7.98

Protect your gums from gum disease with Listerine Antiplaque and Antigingivitis Gum Therapy Mouthwash. This mouthwash is ADA-accepted and dentist-recommended to help reverse early signs of gum disease. When used twice daily, it can give you four-times healthier gums in just three weeks. With essential oils like eucalyptol and menthol, it also reduces plaque and freshens your breath. Listerine is five times more effective than flossing for plaque reduction. Get a clean mouth and fresh breath with this refreshing glacier mint flavored mouthwash. Get your hands on this 1-liter bottle at a great discount and enjoy healthier gums with Listerine.

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